When I think of “Idolatry,” I think about Elijah as he stood on Mt. Carmel against the pagans they called “baal worshippers.” These so called baal wor...View Details

This is a classic message that I've been preaching for many years.  John Maxwell is the inspiration for this sermon.  John talked about taking the ini...View Details

How to be a Godly Mother

600 college students were asked to write down the most beautiful word in the English language.   522 of them wrote the word "Mother." The "Mom Ministr...View Details

Does your faith waver when things get bad?  How can we strengthen our faith during times when we face horrible or seemingly impossible situations? Wh...View Details

While at church one day, a couple of my friends were trying to get their 4-year-old daughter to put her quarter in the offering plate.   But that cute...View Details

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