Have you ever been confronted by a skeptic who challenges your belief in God?  That scenario is more common these days than it has been in over  a cen...View Details

Former atheist and journalist Lee Strobel has written a powerful book that is also a Bible Study entitled “Faith Under Fire.”  We will take a look at ...View Details

The Essentials of Life

Can you list the things that are “essential” in YOUR life?Most would say things like, “Health, family, love, education, a nice home, a car to drive, a...View Details

Life After the Storm

When a storm hits us in the middle of our lives, there is often devastation followed by depression and lots of grief.  But, there’s hope!  After the s...View Details

Standing In The Storm

Standing In the Storm – The Cares of Life.  Standing in the center of God’s will while the storms rage is often a hard thing to do, but it is necessar...View Details

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